Mobile Apps For Real Estate Agents

Realtors know better than most how hard it is to stand out in a crowd. Mobile apps offer dynamic tools and easy­ to­ use features that benefit the realtor as much as they do the house­ hunter. Mobile apps can help earn referrals from existing clients as well as attract new ones.

Listings are the main reason that real estate companies develop apps, but that isn’t all. You can use them for marketing and promotion too. Using geofencing and push notifications, you’ll recruit new clients right from the app, based on their own needs, interest and location.

Highlight Open Houses and Property Listings with These Great Features…


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IDX Integration

Easily list houses, apartments, condos and townhouses directly within your app. You can manually upload listings or sync directly with MLS using our IDX Integration feature.


Utilize the in­-app events feature to up your open house attendance! The events feature is perfect for highlighting where and when you’re showing houses. Plus, you can link event listings to your push notifications to draw attention to your events or target users prospective clients when they’re in a specific neighborhood.

​­ All real estate agents know who their competitors are, but how do they separate themselves from the pack? One way is to use a mobile app as a marketing tool.

Web-based Administration

A simple and easy to use website for managing members, events, viewing stats and more.

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