Private Club Apps

Benefits of a well-connected membership

  • Greater member involvement
  • Higher event attendance
  • Increased member retention
  • Makes organizers’ lives easier



Announcements & Discussions

A place for you and your members to post, share photos, and join conversations any time of day.

Email digests keep everyone in the loop – even if they haven’t yet installed the app.

Calendar of Events

Members get automatic push reminders to RSVP and attend. The result: More people show up.

Subgroups and Direct Messaging

Create a space just for the “Leadership team”, or simply send a private message to anyone.

Collect Payments

Allow your members to pay membership dues, make donations, cover event fees – or pay for anything at all.

Customize Your Member Directory

Add extra profile fields for members to fill out. Bulk import your existing member list, too.

Push Notifications

Members are instantly notified about new posts, upcoming events, and other activity.


Web-based Administration

A simple and easy to use website for managing members, events, viewing stats and more.

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