Hotels & Rental Property

A smart hotel reservation and property rental system.

Customers can make online bookings, payments and redeem points all in a Custom Mobile App!

  • Accept Bookings Online

  • Mobile-friendly Design

  • Editable Booking Form

  • Multiple Languages

  • Payments Processing

  • Promos & Vouchers

  • Rewards
  • Custom Website (additional)

Dispensary & Vape App


This app is ideal for the Medical or Recreational Dispensary. It is custom built with your unique branding with both native and custom features. You dont have to be concerned with the APP Stores censoring your app. We host it on our servers exclusively and you offer it to your customers with a downloadable link or QR Code. Let get you ahead of the competition.  

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Church App



Reaching your Sunday congregation on the other 6 days of the week can be tough. Members who aren’t involved in church activities outside the regular service—especially newcomers—tend to feel slightly isolated from the community. As welcoming as your church may be, it’s important to extend invitations for the fresher faces to participate through many channels. More committed members, too, may drift from season to season, so finding proactive methods to strengthen and unite your community is essential for the long-term health of your whole congregation.

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My Golf Club App



The Benefits of Going Mobile

I’ve come across quite a few courses that offer their members a free mobile app, and I find myself thinking, “I wish my golf club was mobile.” It would not only simplify my play experience, but open up great financial opportunities for the course itself. Mobile apps allow courses to connect with their customers and grow their marketing channels. They also boost customer retention with loyalty and contact features, add convenience for players, and much more. Below are some of the main features that can impact a golf course’s revenue and operations.

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Orchid Communicator


Connect In a Whole New Way

Connectivity is at the heart of this new chapter for mobile. But it’s more than just the ability to engage. It’s also about connecting to mobile users with discernment and insight. That’s what mobile engagement is about, and it’s exciting what we can now do.

Engage – Grow and Retain Your Mobile App Audience

We’ve engineered the most powerful real-time engagement engine in mobile. Featuring interactive push notifications, in-app messaging and a one-of-a-kind Message Center, we help you deliver relevant mobile experiences that do more than just retain your audience. It will captivate them.

Optimized Engagement Channels

Reach your entire mobile app audience with mobile messaging experiences that are integrated extensions of your app. Out of the box marketing actions allow you to link, share and author landing pages and create new segments on the fly — no code required.

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Artists, Actors & Musicians




This app is custom designed to meet the needs of the artist, actor & musician. We  give you a platform to build your own fan community, off unique custom products and services and introduce new music art and so much more to your most loyal followers.


  • Fan Community
  • Events
  • Photo Gallery
  • Social Media
  • Video
  • Music

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Salon One








Customers, Stylists and Salon Owners

Salon One is the mobile app solution for everyone from the individual stylist to the salon Suite owner who only does booth rentals to full service salon owners who have both renters and employees. The solution goes from the stand alone mobile app to a full dashboard for managing customers, renters and employees.

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Verify the Visit

A remote worker management tool. Constant Connectivity gives you a 360 degree view of the employee. Using GPS tracking, time clock and integrated note taking, business owners can track and verify the location of employees as they complete there remote work.

Three profiles are available: client, worker, and agency with unique login capabilities.

Analytic & Timesheet Dashboard

Run reports right in the system or download to .xls or .csv files.

VeriVisits’ dashboard has both Payroll and Project reports built in. With Payroll Reports you can easily view all your employee hours at a glance with easy-to-understand graphs, then drill down within the report to an individual employee to view details such as job breakouts, overtime, and time worked each day. Project Reports allows managers to sort employee times by job code, group, or service item and can filter down to further detail when selecting an individual segment on the chart. Even view the individual time sheets within a project and print or download the data as needed.

Dashboard to Customize Your Mobile App

You can be as independent as your choose.

We can manage your apps or your can. The dashboards offer unique features to help you manage and track your apps’ performance as well as your employees. With the VeriVisits’ App Dashboard you can easily add your own branding to your mobile app, update your contact and client information and control access. We also make effective communication tools available to keep you and your team connected.

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