Verify the Visit

A remote worker management tool. Constant Connectivity gives you a 360 degree view of the employee. Using GPS tracking, time clock and integrated note taking, business owners can track and verify the location of employees as they complete there remote work.

Three profiles are available: client, worker, and agency with unique login capabilities.

Analytic & Timesheet Dashboard

Run reports right in the system or download to .xls or .csv files.

VeriVisits’ dashboard has both Payroll and Project reports built in. With Payroll Reports you can easily view all your employee hours at a glance with easy-to-understand graphs, then drill down within the report to an individual employee to view details such as job breakouts, overtime, and time worked each day. Project Reports allows managers to sort employee times by job code, group, or service item and can filter down to further detail when selecting an individual segment on the chart. Even view the individual time sheets within a project and print or download the data as needed.

Dashboard to Customize Your Mobile App

You can be as independent as your choose.

We can manage your apps or your can. The dashboards offer unique features to help you manage and track your apps’ performance as well as your employees. With the VeriVisits’ App Dashboard you can easily add your own branding to your mobile app, update your contact and client information and control access. We also make effective communication tools available to keep you and your team connected.

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